Lupit Pole

At ONYX Fitness, we aim to provide our students with the finest quality equipment available, which is why we are extremely proud to have only Lupit Pole products in the studio. 

Lupid Poles are designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Their sleek designs and market leading technology make Lupit Poles the best in the business. We wouldn't recommend any other product! But don't just take our word for it. Do your own research and you will see for yourself why Lupit Poles are second-to-none.  

We use the Lupit Pole Pro system with 12" Crash mats. In black, of course... 

If you are interested in having your own pole at home, talk to us, and we can recommend the right pole and equipment for your space. 

We are very proud to be a Lupit Pole agent in New Zealand, so we can make the ordering process very quick and very easy - with absolutely no additional fees or charges.  

Just let us know what you'd like to order, fill in the form down at the studio, and we'll look after the rest - easy as that!